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We decided to call this bottle-fermented sparkling wine “1622” to honor the Benedictine Monk Francesco Scacchi from Fabriano. In his volume“De salubri potu dissertazio”, dated 1622, therefore preceding the birth of Dom Perignon, he theoretically spoke about the advantages of wine storage,thus outlining the basic elements of sparkling wine productionthat we know at present.

Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi Doc
Spumante metodo Classico


Elara was a Greek Goddess and a satellite discovered only in 1975 because was orbiting concealed by Jupiter. Our Metodo Classico was also secretly treasured in our cellar for 48 long months before being revealed to the humans

Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi
Doc Classico Superiore


The name Villaia has its origins from the rural tradition of the Marche region, where the threshing-floor outside rural houses was not just where the grain was threshed, but was also the family’s center of social activity. Verdicchio wine was always present in the convivial moments of country life and we want to re-evoke these traditional country rites with Villaia’s natural typicality.

Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi
Doc Classico


The name Native originates from the historical presence of Verdicchio grapes in the Marche region as well as from its cultivation in the rolling hills around the Esino Valley. Our Native resumes the traditional wine practice of spontaneous wine fermentation by means of indigenous yeasts. Combined with modern wine-making technology, it allows us to obtain a wine which is closely linked to the territory and which gives an elegant drinking pleasure.

Marche Rosato IGT


From Colle del Sole and Pure Pinot Nero Grapes. Made by Natural Spontaneous Fermentation and the smallest mankind's intervention.

Rosso Piceno


Caccialepre, name of a spontaneously grass (Reichardia Picroides), that thrives on the edges of our vineyards. This tasty, healthful plant was always present in local cuisine of Marche, along with Rosso Piceno wine, which our Caccialepre is a very interesting interpretation.

Rosso Piceno


Re di Ras (King of Ras) is the name in Marche dialect of the wren, which is often seen in our vineyards. In local folk tradition, this pretty bird is considered the King of the birds. In fact there is a legend, according to which, to decide who was king, the birds held a competition to see which one could fly the highest. Using its cleverness, the wren won out over the eagle. We chose this metaphor because we believe that our small production of Rosso Piceno “Re di Ras” can compete in quality with the great Italian red wines!