Perhaps the most versatile of Italy’s native white grapes is Le Marche’s Verdicchio (vair-DEEK-kyo). This ‘Classico Superiore’, a single-vineyard wine, picked at full ripeness and naturally vinified, is gently aromatic on the nose, featuring wild herbs, temperate-climate fruits (apples, apricots), but with a hint, too, of the sub-tropical (grapefruit). Multi-faceted on the palate, it is subtle and penetrating with a delicious smack of ripe fruit in its heart. Beautifully balanced by crunchy acidity, it boasts a creamy texture which makes it mighty difficult to spit. My advice: Don’t.

– Nicolas Belfrage MW


The name Villaia has its origins from the rural tradition of the Marche region, where the threshing-floor outside rural houses was not just where the grain was threshed, but was also the family’s center of social activity. Verdicchio wine was always present in the convivial moments of country life and we want to re-evoke these traditional country rites with Villaia’s natural typicality.


Production features

100% Verdicchio on the Guyot system.

The vineyard called Colle del Sole located in the municipality of Maiolati Spontini is characterized by its soil rich of clay and silt. Verdicchio grapes are cultivated in the eastern part of hill on 5 hectares of soft hilly terrains. The average altitude is 120 meters above sea level.

The grapes selected to produce Villaia 2016 were gathered in October 5th. Yields 6,8 tons per hectare.

The alcoholic fermentation took place spontaneously, without the addition of yeasts, in a stainless steel vat. It lasted 62 days at
an average temperature of 14° centigrade. The wine then aged on the fine lees for about 5 months. Bottling took place on May 29, 2017.


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Vegan Wine

Our philosophy focused on deep respect for the environment and natural processes, coupled with the desire to produce only genuine and high quality wines, has led us to adhere to the most common vegan wines policy.