Colle del Sole, a stone’s throw from the winery.

Our agricultural estate is based in the middle of the large Colle del​ ​Sole vineyard, which spans over 20 hectares and is located near Scorcelletti, in the municipality of Maiolati​ ​Spontini.

All of our wines come solely from this vineyard, which provides a unique and beautiful backdrop to our winery. The proximity of the vineyard allows us to significantly reduce the time period between the grape harvest, during which the bunches are picked by hand from the plants, and the pressing phase. In this way, we ensure that the winemaking process remains as natural as possible, leaving the organoleptic qualities of our grapes unaltered.


The earth is alluvial in origin and rocky. It has a high clay and limestone content, with reasonable levels of organic matter.


The favourable climatic conditions present in the area are the result of the influence of the sea, the sun, the breeze, the rainfall and the shelter offered by the Apennines.


The main varieties grown in this vineyard are Verdicchio, Montepulciano and Sangiovese.


After fermentation, the wines are transferred to the underground store, which is filled with barrels of various capacities made from high-quality wood. It is the ideal environment for the wines to mature for long periods as the organoleptic characteristics develop.