A mosaic of Biodiversity.

The orographic and climatic variety typical of Le Marche makes our region particularly lush, something that enables a huge range of animal and vegetable species to thrive. It is our duty to preserve and protect this wealth of biodiversity through non-invasive procedures that work in harmony with the land.

The agricultural estate

Carved out by water over the centuries and kissed by the sun, the Valle Esina is one of the most fertile areas in Le Marche. Located in this extraordinary setting, our agricultural estate encompasses 103 hectares of vineyards, 48 hectares of olive groves and 24 hectares of walnut groves, as well as our arable land. We like to think that diverse agricultural production helps to improve the quality of the landscape, especially when carried forth using non-invasive agricultural techniques.

A natural oasis.

The region in which our estates are located has been able to preserve its distinctiveness and biodiversity over the years, despite the activities of mankind. As a result, the region is still “naturally welcoming” for many animal species.

Indeed, the entire valley has always been a favoured stopover point for migratory species in search of a place to rest and recuperate. For example, it is not uncommon to spy the elegant grey heron around the irrigation ponds.