Rosso Piceno is not often included in the catalogue of great Italian reds, but this Marchigiano special is mounting a serious challenge to enter the lists. From the outset, on the nose, it displays a wealth of fruit – plum, ripe morello cherry–, supported by a sturdy but classy base of wood and grape tannin, alcohol, fresh acidity and concentration of flavour. The finish is expansive and long, and the fruit-definition is such that it should develop into a fine bottle in 2-3 years time, though you could drink it happily now. My advice: Worth the wait.

– Nicolas Belfrage MW


Re di Ras (King of Ras) is the name in Marche dialect of the wren, which is often seen in our vineyards. In local folk tradition, this pretty bird is considered the King of the birds. In fact there is a legend, according to which, to decide who was king, the birds held a competition to see which one could fly the highest. Using its cleverness, the wren won out over the eagle. We chose this metaphor because we believe that our small production of Rosso Piceno “Re di Ras” can compete in quality with the great Italian red wines!


Production features

85% Montepulciano and 15% Sangiovese 15% Spur pruning Traning

The Colle del Sole vineyard, located in the municipality of Maiolati Spontini is characterized by its soil rich of clay and silt. Montepulciano grapes are cultivated in the southern part of Colle del Sole hill, on 2.5 hectares with south exposure. Sangiovese grapes are cultivated in the central part of the hill on 1 hectare of soft hilly terrains. The average altitude is 120 meters above sea level.

The grapes selected to produce 2013 Re di Ras were gathered in September 12th (Sangiovese) and October 15th (Montepulciano). Yield 5,6 tons per hectare.

Traditional red vinification in stainless steel vats. Alcoholic fermentation lasted 32 days, the first 20 days on the skins. After the malolactic fermentation, the wine ages into 5 hl French oak casks, first and second use, for about 12 months. Bottling took place on May 31, 2017.


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Vegan Wine

Our philosophy focused on deep respect for the environment and natural processes, coupled with the desire to produce only genuine and high quality wines, has led us to adhere to the most common vegan wines policy.