Yellow colour bright in hue. Citrus on nose; some minerality; fruit cocktail style rather than varietal (pineapple and grapefruit). Inviting but not facile. Quite full on entry, spreads as it travels along tongue, fills mouth, good balance. A clean, subtle wine of good acidity. Not unlike Vouvray: honeyed but then dry. Finishes on fruit cocktail aromas.

– Nicolas Belfrage MW


The name Native originates from the historical presence of Verdicchio grapes in the Marche region as well as from its cultivation in the rolling hills around the Esino Valley. Our Native resumes the traditional wine practice of spontaneous wine fermentation by means of indigenous yeasts. Combined with modern wine-making technology, it allows us to obtain a wine which is closely linked to the territory and which gives an elegant drinking pleasure.


Production features

Verdicchio 100% allevate a Guyot.

The vineyard called Colle del Sole located in the municipality of Maiolati Spontini is
characterized by its soil rich of clay and silt. Verdicchio grapes are cultivated in the
eastern part of hill on 4 hectares of soft hilly terrains. The average altitude is 120
meters above sea level.

The grapes selected to produce Nativo are gathered in the first half of September. Yields
8,5 tons per hectare.

The alcoholic fermentation takes place spontaneously, without the addition of yeasts,
in a stainless steel vat. It lasts around 35 days at an average temperature of 14° centigrade. The wine then ages on the fine lees for about 5 months before bottling.


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Vegan Wine

Our philosophy focused on deep respect for the environment and natural processes, coupled with the desire to produce only genuine and high quality wines, has led us to adhere to the most common vegan wines policy.