Deep royal magenta of hue, this wine’s gentle blackberry-cranberry aromas feed nicely through to a deceptively juicy but satisfying, smooth-textured palate. With its velvety tannins and mouth filling berriness one is almost put in mind of fruit-and-nut chocolate – dark, with plenty of fat luscious raisins in the mix. Smooth as silk as it glides down the throat, but in no way tiring thanks to the fresh acidity, you’ll want to take another good gulp pretty soon. My advice: Go for it.

– Nicolas Belfrage MW


Caccialepre, name of a spontaneously grass (Reichardia Picroides), that thrives on the edges of our vineyards. This tasty, healthful plant was always present in local cuisine of Marche, along with Rosso Piceno wine, which our Caccialepre is a very interesting interpretation.


Production features

85% Montepulciano and 15% Sangiovese spur pruning training.

The vineyard called Colle del Sole located in the municipality of Maiolati Spontini is characterized by its soil rich of clay and silt. The vineyards of Montepulciano and Sangiovese grapes are cultivated in the central part of Colle del Sole hill laying on 4 hectares of soft hilly terrains. The average altitude is 120 meters above sea level.

The selected grapes to produce Caccialepre 2015 were harvested in 2 times, September the 15th for Sangiovese and October the 14th for Montepulciano. Yields are 7,9 tons per hectare.

Traditional red vinification in stainless steel vats. Alcoholic fermentation lasted 26 days, which, the first 20 days on the skins. After malolactic fermentation, the wine matures into large oak barrels for about 12 months. Bottling took place in May 30th, 2017


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Vegan Wine

Our philosophy focused on deep respect for the environment and natural processes, coupled with the desire to produce only genuine and high quality wines, has led us to adhere to the most common vegan wines policy.