This is a wine whose dryness exemplifies the descriptor “dosaggio zero”. At first the austerity and almost aggressive acidity seem excessive but the clean, incisive fruit and lively mouthfeel enable the taster to think again and to discount the sharpness in favour of cleanliness and brightness. A festive treat for the discriminating taster who has had enough of the obvious.

– Nicolas Belfrage MW


We decided to call this bottle-fermented sparkling wine “1622” to honor the Benedictine Monk Francesco Scacchi from Fabriano. In his volume “De salubri potu dissertatio”, dated 1622, therefore preceding the birth of Dom Perignon, he theoretically spoke about the advantages of wine storage, thus outlining the basic elements of sparkling wine production that we know at present.


Production features

85% Verdicchio and 15% Chardonnay on the Guyot system.

Verdicchio grapes are cultivated in the eastern part of hill on 2 hectares of soft hilly terrains in the vineyard “Colle del Sole”, characterized by its soil rich of clay and silt, located in the municipality of Maiolati Spontini. Chardonnay grapes come from the “Coste del Molino” vineyard in the municipality of Poggio S. Marcello.

The grapes selected to produce “1622” are gathered at the end of August (Chardonnay) and early September (Verdicchio). Yields 6 tons per hectare.

The alcoholic fermentation takes place in a stainless steel vat at an average temperature of 13° centigrade. The wine then ages on the fine lees with regular batonnages for 6 months. Bottling takes place in April and after the second fermentation the wine ages for 48 months on the yeasts in the underground cellars.



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Vegan Wine

Our philosophy focused on deep respect for the environment and natural processes, coupled with the desire to produce only genuine and high quality wines, has led us to adhere to the most common vegan wines policy.